Daily Devotional Guide

Some things never change. 

Political ads will dominate your screens a couple of times a year. The ice cream machine at McDonald's will be broken. Telemarketers will call you at the worst possible time. Atlanta sports teams will do unbelievably foolish things when in the national spotlight. 

Some things never change. 

But other things do change. And when they do, it's usually because of some outside force. Such is the case with believers. We were born into sin and rebellion against God. But our standing as sons and daughters of God wasn't the result of our own effort or simply letting enough time pass. Our change was the result of the person and work of the Man Jesus Christ. 

As you focus on Paul's miraculous testimony this week, remember, there is no such thing as a boring testimony. Any time an enemy of God is transitioned into a child of God, it's a beautiful miracle. 

Some things never change. 

But by God's grace, some things do. 

Monday - Mark 1:14-45

Tuesday - Mark 2:1-17

Wednesday - Mark 3:1-21

Thursday - Mark 5:1-43

Friday - Mark 7:24-37

Saturday - Mark 9:1-29

Sunday - Mark 16:1-20


SSermon Series: Acts

Sermon Title: The Ethiopian Eunuch

Sermon Text: Acts 8:26-40

Daily Devotional Guide

I've heard a gospel for white's only. I've heard a gospel for blacks only. I've heard a gospel that is exclusively for oppressed people. There are many gospels but only one true gospel. The true good news isn't just for any one ethnicity or class of people. Rather, it is for people from every tribe, language, and tongue. God's grace is not limited by skin color or financial brackets. 

We see this clearly on display in the story of Philip's encounter with the Ethopian eunuch. This is one of many great miracles we see in the book of Acts that displays the power and character of God. But we must not let the miracle of Philip being transported to a completely different region distract us from the larger meaning of this text. God has extravagant love and grace for all types of people. 

May the same be said of us. 

Monday - 1 Corinthians 12:12-31

Tuesday - 1 Corinthians 13

Wednesday - Romans 12

Thursday - Romans 13

Friday - Romans 14

Saturday - Romans 15

Sunday - Galatians 2