Sermon Series: What does it mean to be a Christian? 

Sermon Title: Sanctification

Sermon Text: Colossians 3:1-17

Sermon Points: 

1.) A new direction to look

2.) A new battle to fight

3.) A new master to serve

- The Example of God

- The Peace of God

- The Word of God

- The Glory of God

Daily Devotional Guide

If you were given the chance to go back in time and teach something to the younger version of yourself, what would it be? For me, it would be sanctification. I know that sounds nerdy but I could've really used that lesson in my early years of following Christ. I was living with a misunderstanding that to be a Christian meant to be perfect. I knew I wasn't perfect so this left me with a lot of shame and doubt about my standing before God. I needed to learn about what theologians call progressive sanctification. I needed this week's sermon. In a lot of ways, I still do. You probably do too. 

Progressive sanctification isn't a hall pass to sin as often as you like. Rather, it's the recognition that you have not yet arrived. The old saying is true. You're not yet what you're supposed to be but you're also not what you used to be. That's sanctification. Put another way, it's the Spirit inspired process of becoming more like Jesus that began when you got saved and won't end until you meet Jesus. 

As you read, listen, and pray this week, ask God to open your eyes to the process. Ask him to help you to see how far you've come by his power. Ask him to give you a greater understanding of how far you have left to go. Sanctification is a process. But it is a process you will not go through alone. Thank God for the process and where it is sure to lead us. 

Monday - John 17:1-26

Tuesday - Romans 8:1-11

Wednesday - Romans 8:18-39

Thursday - Romans 12:1-2

Friday - Philippians 1:1-30

Saturday - 2 Timothy 3:10-17

Sunday - Psalm 119:9-16


Sermon Series: What does it mean to be a Christian?

Sermon Title: Justified by Faith

Sermon Text: Romans 5:1-6

1.) What does it mean to be saved? 

2.) How do you get saved? 

3.) What do you have when you have Jesus? 

Peace with God

Access to God

Joy of God

Hope in God

Love of God

Spirit of God

Daily Devotional Guide

When you teach a class at Vacation Bible School and a child's hand goes up, you can never be sure what kind of question you're getting. It could be about Jesus or it could be about dinosaurs. There's a really good chance that it will be about both. "Did Jesus and the disciples ride on dinosaurs?" To my shock, that wasn't the question the child asked. It was much simpler. 

"What does it mean to be a Christian?"

That's a direct question but it can be challenging to answer while you're in a room where one kid is trying to undecorate the room and another one is holding his breath for attention. Thankfully, we have a Sunday morning worship service designed specifically for answering questions like this one. We'll take the next few weeks to answer it. 

This morning we're looking at the word justified. What does this word mean? How does one become justified? Once they are, what changes? If there's any time left at the end, we'll talk about dinosaurs. 

But don't hold your breath. 

Monday - Ephesians 1

Tuesday - Ephesians 2

Wednesday -  Philippians 4

Thursday - Colossians 2

Friday - Colossians 3

Saturday - James 1

Sunday - 1 Peter 1