Sermon Series: The Gospel of Luke
Sermon Text: Luke 5:1-11, 27-32, and 6:12-16
Sermon Title: The Disciples

Daily Devotional Guide
In this week’s passage, we consider The Twelve, that is, the men Jesus called to be his closest followers. Each of these men were unique but they all had one thing in common. Everyone of them was flawed.

Peter was brash.
James and John had their moments of self-centeredness as well. 
Matthew was a state-sanctioned thief.
Thomas would doubt Jesus.
Judas would betray him.

None of this caught Jesus by surprise. He knew what he was doing. This group of men reminds us that our perfect God uses flawed instruments to build his perfect kingdom. 

Jesus didn’t need The Twelve, just like he doesn’t need us. The fact that he chooses to use us anyway should make us all the more eager to worship and serve him in joy.

Monday - Luke 22:24-34
Tuesday - Luke 22:39-46
Wednesday - Luke 22:47-53
Thursday - Luke 22:54-62
Friday - John 21:1-14
Saturday - John 21:15-25
Sunday - Revelation 1:1-3 and 22:6-21


Sermon Series: The Gospel of Luke

Sermon Title: Two Rebukes and a Correction

Sermon Text: Luke 4:38-44

In this week's passage, Jesus offers three rebukes. Well, maybe it's not best to call the last one a rebuke. It's more of a gentle correction. Each one of these moments from the life of Christ gives us a glimpse, not only into the past but the future as well. As we look back, we see Jesus' compassion for the broken and his power over the enemy. Looking ahead, we get a quick glimpse of the new heaven and new earth. 

Jesus is doing more here than making a sick woman well or a demon-possessed man whole. That's why he had to offer the gentle correction to the crowd. His mission was not merely to make people healthy. It was to advance the kingdom and that would involve the cross. All of the people Jesus healed, it's safe to assume, died again. In bringing life temporarily back to people, he is drawing our attention to a time when we will live forever with perfect bodies and in a perfect relationship with him. In casting out demons, he's foreshadowing a time when Satan and his forces will be cast away into eternal punishment. 

Jesus never performed a miracle simply for the sake of the miracle. He was always using them to direct us to his kingdom. 

As you listen, read, and pray this week, I pray that your attention will be drawn to God's kingdom. This passage shows us that God was on the move. And he still is. With each breath we take, we're moving closer to the fulfillment of his kingdom where sickness and demons will be far away. 

Monday - Revelation 19:11-21

Tuesday - Luke 14:1-6

Wednesday - Luke 8:40-56

Thursday - Luke 8:26-39

Friday - Luke 7:1-17

Saturday - Luke 6:6-11

Sunday - Luke 5:12-26