Sermon Series: Isaiah

Sermon Text: Isaiah 2:20-22

Sermon Title: Questioning Our Object of Worship

Daily Devotional Guide

It's good for believers to constantly examine their hearts for the presence of pride. Once found, we also need to question the idol. Doing so from a biblical perspective will help us see the differences between the One True God and the millions of fake gods trying to take his throne. 

We are all wired to worship. That's part of being made in God's image. So the question isn't whether we will worship but rather, what we will worship. Only the worship of God will count for anything. All other forms of worship, regardless of how sincere or popular they are, amount to nothing more than a waste of time. As you read this week, ask God to help you to flee from worshiping the lesser gods and instead, embrace worshiping the One True God - the Lord alone. 

Monday - Exodus 32:1-10

Tuesday - Exodus 32:11-20

Wednesday - Exodus 32:21-35

Thursday - 1 Samuel 5:1-5

Friday - 1 Samuel 5:6-12

Saturday - Revelation 3:14-22

Sunday - Isaiah 6:1-8


Sermon Series: Isaiah

Sermon Text: Isaiah 2:10-17

Sermon Title: The Lord Alone

Daily Devotional Guide

You will have varying degrees of opposition in your life. Some of it will be voluntary and relatively unimportant, like competing for one team against another. Other times will be more serious, like a battle against some antagonistic person who, for whatever reason, wants to see you pay. Opposition is a part of life. Life is made up of battles. 

You've probably heard the phrase, "Pick your battles." Usually, that advice is spoken by someone who's telling you, "Back off, it's not worth it." This person either knows you're going to get beat or that your victory will be more costly than it's worth. So pick your battles, they tell you. Jim Croce said it another way. "Don't tug on Superman's cape, don't spit into the wind, don't pull the mask off the old Lone Ranger, and don't mess around with Jim." 

Pick your battles. 

At no time has that advice been more timely than when it comes to battling against God. Don't pick that one. You will not win. 

But of course, throughout history, quite a few people have tried to spit into the wind, so to speak. Cain killed his brother. David stole Bathsheba and killed Uriah, her husband. And the people of Israel rejected the God who delivered them from slavery, choosing instead to worship idols made of wood and metal. 

That leads us to Isaiah. 

He has just spoken of God's perfect plan for the future that would be made manifest in the person of God the Son, Jesus Christ. But now he's addressing the people who thought there was a better way. They defiantly spat into the wind. They arrogantly tugged on the cape. And now it was time to pay.

Monday - Genesis 11:1-9

Tuesday - Genesis 19

Wednesday - Exodus 32

Thursday - 2 Samuel 11

Friday - Psalm 51

Saturday - Acts 26

Sunday - Isaiah 2:20-21